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Why Choose Us?
Advanced Technology

We provide our patients with the most advanced technology.


We use an imaging device called an i-CAT FLX. It captures 3-dimensional images of facial structures, allowing us to treatment plan with more accuracy.

This image also allows us to see roots during our digital treatment planning, giving us the precise location of where the teeth are located in relation to the underlying bone. 

Best of all, the iCAT does not require sensors inside the mouth, so taking the image is fast and comfortable.
We also use an intraoral scanner. 
This takes the place of those gooey impressions you may have experienced before. You probably won't miss them!
This scanner allows us to make 3D-printed models of your teeth to make appliances and retainers.
Speaking of 3D-printing...
This is our 3D-printer.
When you visit our office, you might see this printer in action.
We use this printer to print models of teeth, appliances, surgical models, and more!
SureSmile is an advanced technology we offer.
So what exactly is it?
SureSmileRobot copy.jpg
With SureSmile, we take a scan of your teeth with braces on and virtually move your teeth on the computer.
Then a specialized robot makes bends in a flexible wire based on our virtual setup that allow your teeth to move to their final position.
So why do you care? Because it means controlled and precise movement, faster treatment time, and softer wire means more comfort.
SureSmile Tech
We also use SureSmile for our lingual (tongue-side) braces.
Lingual braces are invisible from the outside!
See what else sets us apart!
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