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Your First Visit

Your first visit to our office is comfortable and fun!

At your first visit, you will be welcomed by our friendly staff.
A member of our team will take photographs of your teeth and face. These photos help the doctor evaluate and discuss your case.
Next is a comprehensive orthodontic exam. Then the doctor will help answer questions, help determine the best type of treatment, and give an estimate of treatment length.
If the doctor feels you are ready, you will be invited to start treatment.
After the complimentary exam at your first visit, the doctor will invite you to start orthodontic treatment if he feels you are ready.
The next step after the exam will be taking orthodontic records.
Records include x-rays, digital impressions, photographs, and measurements that help determine the treatment plan.
The type of treatment you need will determine the next steps. 
On average, you will see us every 6-8 weeks until your treatment is finished.
What if my case is more complicated?
Sometimes additional steps are involved in order for you to be ready to start treatment.
For example, the doctor may request to contact your dentist to discuss the case for the best outcome.
Whatever your situation, we will help make the necessary steps understandable and simple.
Ready to get started?
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